Standing Rock : Nov 22

Our first full day at Standing Rock was absolutely that - very full. We've been here for just over 24 hours, and time moves slowly out here. The community is beautiful, inspiring, full of love and prayer and beautiful intention. Your donations are being sorted, gifted, accepted, and appreciated. And with the cold months ahead, your donations may literally save a life. 

I'm all checked in, I officially have my media badge, and I look forward to documenting life here in camp, and sharing stories with you all as I am able. Cell service is spotty, so I will update as I can. And for those of you who are prone to worry, instead of worrying, please pray. However that looks for you. Please pray for the health and safety of the Peaceful Water Protectors.

And please - stay tuned-in to what is going on here at Standing Rock. Share all the news that you can. Speak up. Speak out. Federal laws are being broken, human rights are being violated, and people's lives are in danger. All to protect a PIPELINE. Let that sink in.

This is all very, very real. Indigenous Lives matter, and this moment, right NOW, is our opportunity to build a new legacy, to honor and respect our Native Americans, to acknowledge the suffering they have (and continue to) endure, and to stand up with them for what is right. 

We've been reminded here that "We are responsible for what we do, and what we do not do." I challenge you to hold that in your heart. Water is Life. Mni Wiconi. Much Love, y'all.