Standing Rock : Nov 26


I am humbled and grateful for the time I have spent here at Standing Rock. The people I have met, the stories I have heard, the wisdom that has been shared - I have truly learned so much, and I don't imagine that life will ever quite be the same. 

In the face of ongoing oppression, the Native people of these lands stand strong and brave. United. Peaceful. Prayerful. Building a community like no other. This is a beautiful movement, my friends, and I hope you will support it in whatever ways you are able. Come here. Stand with them. Divest from banks funding the Pipeline. Call the White House. Call the Governor of North Dakota. Sign petitions. Send money or supplies. Talk to your neighbors.

The coming days will be challenging, and the winter unforgiving. The camps are growing every day. The Army Corps of Engineers has issued an eviction notice for Oceti Sakowin Camp for December 5th. Hundreds of unarmed Veterans are arriving to stand with the Water Protectors on December 4th. Your prayers and your support will be needed.

Tomorrow we will hug our new friends, and begin the journey home. All your donations have been put to good use, and have been tremendously appreciated. Water is Life. And these Indigenous People, from over 300 tribes, along with their non-Native allies, are standing up for your drinking water and mine. For our Future. For the future of all life.

Water is life. Water is sacred. Water is everything. They know this, and it's time that we listen.