Winter Wishes & Happy Holidays


Happy Holidays!

I hope you are enjoying the magic of Winter as much as I am.

Each year, in honor of our beloved friends, family & colleagues, and in lieu of physical presents, my husband and I donate money to some of our favorite non-profits. Sooo, Merry Christmas!  As our gift to You & to the Collective this year, our sharing went towards the following three groups....

(and there's still time to join us!)



A small group based in LA, working to elevate the lives of people in Navajo Nation, through the installation of basic running water systems in their homes. Roughly 1.3 million Americans still don’t have hot and cold running water, a bathtub or shower or a working flush toilet. DigDeep is on a mission to change that, and is working to give running water to the whole town of Baca, New Mexico, for Christmas this year.



A global, grassroots network of women who are reforesting the planet through monthly giving, and encouraging us all to make “giving back to the planet” a normal everyday part of our lives. This reforestation of our tropical forests is a collective expression of planetary care, and in November we joined them in what will now be an ongoing monthly gift towards this effort.



This is a crew of filmmakers based in Ojai, CA, who are making a big difference in this world through their art and storytelling. I had the pleasure of meeting some of their crew at Standing Rock. They recently lost everything (their home, their studios, their equipment, their footage) in the Thomas Fire, and we donated funds towards their recovery.


We love you, and we want to thank you for being a continual source of love and inspiration in our lives.  In this season of giving, our hope is to give generously, from both our hearts and our wallets, in a few of the many places where the need is great…
With Love & Gratitude,
Brittany & Steven