Sneak Preview TONIGHT at the SLO Film Fest

A sneak-preview of "Where There Once Was Water" will play to a SOLD-OUT crowd at the Octagon Barn in SLO tonight at 7pm as part of the 2017 San Luis Obispo International Film Festival. As you can imagine, we are supremely excited! 

I remain incredibly humbled & grateful to every single person who has helped in this endeavor in any way... there are MANY of you. It truly takes a village, and I feel honored to be surrounded & supported by one of the best villages on the planet, truly. xo

For those who don't have tickets to tonight's show, have no fear! Due to popular demand, we will be launching this Sneak-Preview on our website on World Water Day, March 22nd. And our trusty & beloved Kickstarter backers will get their own extra-sneaky-preview a day early on March 21st. 

** A special note for our Kickstarter Backers**
Due to some new developments in the story of California Water, and our desire to tell a thorough and balanced story, we have extended our production timeline a bit.  We expect to complete the feature-length film in Summer of 2018, and will keep you updated along the way. Depending on your backer reward level, some of you will receive an invite to a private screening when the film is complete.  But for now, have no fear, you have not missed your private showing. :) This opportunity from the SLO Film Fest was a rare (and incredibly generous!) one, and it gave us a great deadline to work towards. This has resulted in a fabulous 18-minute rough-draft sneak-preview that we can now share with the world as we move forward in production towards our final film. Exciting stuff, to say the least!

Again, I thank you, from the depths of my being. I cannot wait to share a peek into this incredibly journey with you... Much Love, my friends. xo