a brand new year

The final day of 2015 is upon us. Tomorrow we begin anew. This is one of my favorite days of the year, every time... Time to shed what no longer serves us, and make way for fresh magic in the new year. Time to manifest our dreams, to call them into being. To celebrate the gifts we've been given, and expand our hearts and our horizons for what is ahead.

It is time to be grateful. To appreciate all that we have learned, all the ways we have grown. And to make space for even more. Clean out the cabinets. Dust off the shelves. Reset the computer. Recharge the soul. Prioritize health & happiness. Both literally and figuratively, the New Year gives us an opportunity to restart. I embrace it with a happy heart and open arms.

My goals for the coming circumnavigation of the sun scream of a desire to focus on the health of my mind, body and spirit. Wake up early. Practice more yoga. Learn Spanish. Sweat. Experiment with a plant-based lifestyle. Make a film. Practice gratitude.

And so it shall be.

"A change in the shape of the body creates a change in the state of the soul." - Aristotle

"Some people believe in fate, others dont'. I do, and don't. It may seem at times as if invisible fingers move us about like puppets on strings. But for sure, we are not born to be dragged along. We can grab the strings ourselves and adjust our course at every crossroad, or take off at any little trail into the unknown." - Thor Heyerdahl

Blaze forward. Create your path. Practice gratitude. Be honest - with yourself and with others. Love each other. Work together for positive change. Let's do this, my good people! We have all the power and all the love that we need, to accomplish ANYTHING.