Standing Rock : Nov 23

I'm not sure that I have words for today, but I'll try.... and I'll begin with gratitude. Gratitude for the invitation to come here, to be able to answer the call for "moccasins on the ground", to stand with these brave and Peaceful Water Protectors. Gratitude for the opportunity to learn about a history that has been hidden, erased. Gratitude for Rosebud camp, for the sacred fire and for the Elders who graciously share their wisdom and stories. Gratitude for this community. Gratitude for life, and water, and friends, and the opportunity to stand here and stand up for future generations. Gratitude.

I am exhausted. In the best way possible. Tomorrow is Thanksgiving, and most of us in the United States will give thanks and feast on beautiful food. Gratitude is important, and knowledge is power. I am beginning to learn how dark a day Thanksgiving is for our Native Americans. And I challenge you tomorrow to dig deep, seek knowledge of erased histories, seek answers, talk about the hard stuff, and practice compassion - on yourself and others - on a day that, for our Native Americans, is quite different from the one that we, as non-Natives, are accustomed to.

I am truly amazed at the power of this place and this sacred ground. Community is the answer, my friends. Our shared future depends on our shared present. We must work together, every day, to foster Love, and to create a world in which there is room for all of us, not just some of us. I am gathering stories here, I am crying, I am praying, I am humbled, and I cannot wait to share these moments with you. 

I miss my sweet husband and my family terribly, but I cannot think of a better place to spend Thanksgiving of 2016 than right here. Right here - alongside a movement like no other. Over 300 tribes have gathered here in solidarity - to stop the black snake - to protect our water, our lives, and our future. This is huge, my friends, and I am honored for the opportunity to share this time and this space with such beautiful people. Truly. 

With all my love & gratitude. Water Is Life. Mni Wiconi.