Standing Rock : Nov 24

To be honest, I've never been so afraid for my life as I was today...

The law enforcement here has been targeting blonde female journalists. And today I found myself filming a peaceful protest. Unarmed Water Protectors vs. Militarized Law Enforcement. They dotted the hilltop. Riot gear. Guns. Hoses. So many of them. 

Things remained peaceful today - no tear gas, no mace, no rubber bullets, no water cannons - but amidst it all was a discomfort I couldn't ignore. I felt safest filming from behind parked vehicles with a long lens, and so I did. I was genuinely afraid I'd be shot by law enforcement for doing my job, and this was a new, and terrifying, experience for me.

I expressed my discomfort and fear to the Elders, men I've only known for two days, and in response they said "If they start shooting, get behind one of the Grandfathers." 

My heart swelled up inside my chest. Tears of gratitude. These men, I realized in that moment, were willing to die for me, for you, for their children, for your children, for water, for our Future. And I had the honor of standing by their side today, on a day we call "Thanksgiving". A day that, from this point forward, will never be the same....

I am grateful. For this time. This place. These people. This family. This sacred land. And for the opportunity to stand together, and to eat together, on a day that calls for deep healing. Much Love, my friends. Let's be grateful, always. xo