Equinox updates


Friends, Family, Colleagues, Supporters, Co-Conspirators.... Thank you. Thank you for your patience and your support. 2019 has been a whirlwind... and I wonder, have you been feeling it too? I am currently reading Charles Eisenstein's "Climate - A New Story", and as I work through edits on the final script for "Where There Once Was Water", I am appreciating & incorporating his thoughts around the importance of shifting our focus & conversation towards restoration of our natural systems. 

“If we strove to heal and protect every estuary, every forest, every wetlands, every piece of damaged and desertified land, every coral reef, every lake, and every mountain, not only would most drilling, fracking, and pipelining have to stop, but the biosphere would become far more resilient too.”   - Charles Eisenstein


Fundraising to finish up the film continues, and I am excited to announce that Mini-Sessions are now available for the Fall. There are only 12 spots available, and they are filling up fast. As many of you know, due to various demands on my schedule, I have stopped offering individual portrait sessions throughout the rest of the year, so if you're wanting portraits in time for the holidays (or for any other reason) be sure to book your mini-session asap. 100% of the proceeds go directly towards post-production of "Where There Once Was Water". And at this point we are SO CLOSE to being done with the film that I can almost taste it. (Yay!) Find all the info about how to book your very own mini-session right HERE.


Throughout this project I have created photographs at almost all of the locations I have visited. Many of you have requested access to these images, expressing your interest in purchasing prints. And so, after much editing & uploading & excitement... I bring to you... a MASSIVE gallery of "Where There Once Was Water" photographs. Prints are available in a variety of sizes, at discounted rates, and ordering is easy through the online gallery. ALL money raised through print sales will be put directly towards post-productions expenses. So, if you're looking to freshen up your walls, or you want to get your holiday shopping done early, or you just want some nice images to view during your lunch break, it's all right HERE.

Last but definitely not least, please watch (and share!) our OFFICIAL TRAILER. And until next time, much love to you all. Thank you for your continued support, patience and feedback. I literally couldn't be doing this without you.